Creating a DAO

The Upstream DAO Builder is for anyone who wants to create a DAO, whether you're a blockchain enthusiast, an entrepreneur looking to transition to a more decentralized structure, or simply curious to understand the future of organizations. No prior knowledge of blockchain or DAOs is required. We hope this guide fills in any potential blanks you experience while using our tool.
If you need some help, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]
In order to get started, you will need the following information:

Personal Information

Our team will use this information to contact you in the unlikely event that there are any current or future challenges with your DAO. We will never share your information with unauthorized third parties or other Upstream users.
First Name, Last Name: These fields are optional but helpful if you have a preference on the name we should use in our communications to you.
Email: Your email is used as the main communication method for Upstream.

DAO Details

DAO Details will be at the core of how your DAO will appear to your community.
DAO Description: The DAO description is a summary of what your DAO does or intends to do, it can also be a summary of your mission statement. As an example: "Our DAO unites a passionate internet community to buy a diverse portfolio of NFTs. Using the power of decentralized decision-making, we empower members to collaboratively shape the future of our NFT collection and the broader creative ecosystem."
DAO Type: Currently, Upstream offers three DAO types:
  • Investment Club: Collect funds and buy assets together
  • NFT Project: Bring holders of your NFT together
  • Social Club: Build a community around a shared goal
DAO URL: The DAO URL will be the subdomain Upstream uses for your DAO.
DAO Avatar: The DAO Avatar is your chance to customize your visual identity to your community.
DAO Token: On Upstream, you have the option to use an existing token or launch a new token alongside your DAO. If you choose to launch a new token, just provide the token name and Upstream will launch a ERC-20 token for you. If you have a token on the Ethereum chain, just provide the contract address in the existing token field and voila!

Setting Preferences

When launching your DAO, Upstream asks the minimum amount of questions to successfully setup your DAO. You will have the option to customize additional settings once you launch your DAO.
Token Transferability: This setting determines whether members can transfer DAO tokens between wallets.
Membership Approval: This setting determines whether new members will need to be approved by the community before joining.
Minimum ETH Contribution: Minimum ETH required for a member to join your DAO.


The last set of information you'll need to provide are the wallet addresses for your DAOs' founding members. And then you are onto the last step!

Launching Your Contracts

Once you provide all of the above details, you will proceed to launch your contract.
When launching your contract, you will go through a series of transactions where in you will be required to sign in your wallet during each step.
Some things to consider:
  • If the page is loading for a long time, please check into your wallet extension to see if there is a pending transaction for you to sign
  • Ensure you have sufficient funds to launch the contract
    • If you do not have sufficient funds, we will alert you when you start the application
  • If you are running into an error, please double check your application and try again.
    • Our team will be in touch within 24 hours if you cannot resolve your issue. If you'd prefer to email us while you wait, you can do so at [email protected]
Once you complete all of the steps, you will be sent to your DAO! Congratulations!