Common Voting Issues

Having trouble voting on a proposal in your DAO? See tips on troubleshooting here.

Here's how to address the issue if you come across the "You do not have enough DAO tokens to vote on this proposal" error message on Upstream like the one below.

  1. Ensure your wallet contains governance tokens. To be eligible to vote in a DAO, your wallet should hold governance tokens issued by the DAO. Verify that the wallet you are using contains these tokens, or switch to another wallet that does. Depending on the wallet provider you are using, you'll find them in different places. Below is an example for where you can find your tokens OR NFTs in the Metamask wallet extension.

  1. Make a contribution to the Collective to earn tokens. In DAOs that aren't controlled by an NFT token, you'll need to make a contribution to the Collective to earn governance tokens. The amount of tokens you receive is directly proportional to your contributions. The standard conversion rate on Upstream is 1 ETH = 1,000 tokens. It's advisable to confirm the current conversion rate within your DAO with the admin or other members. If the ability to contribute is deactivated, a proposal to reactivate it must be created by the members. Remember to have sufficient ETH in your wallet to cover the gas fees necessary for the transaction.

  1. NFT-governed Collectives: If your Collective is controlled by an NFT, you need to own or purchase one of the NFTs to be able to participate in the Collective on Upstream. We recommend asking your DAO to understand where you should purchase the required NFT.

Encountering more issues? Reach out to us. If you still have troubles, feel free to send us an email at We're ready to assist you with your problem.

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