Exporting Members Data

We have made it easy for Signators to export valuable information about members in their DAO. This information can be used for various purposes such as distributing airdrops, awarding POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocol), and analyzing member engagement.

To export members data, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Members tab of the DAO.

  2. Click on the "Export Members" button.

  3. Select the fields you want to export.

  4. Click "Export."

Depending on the size of your DAO and the number of members, the export process may take a few moments. Once the export is ready, you will have the ability to save the CSV file and you'll receive an email (if an email is set on your profile) with a direct link to the export that you can access at a later time.

Available Fields:

  • Name: The name or username of the DAO member.

  • Wallet Address: The Ethereum wallet address associated with the member's account.

  • Token Balance: The amount of DAO tokens held by the member.

  • Events Attended: A list of events that the member has attended.

What can I do with this information?

  • Airdrops: The wallet addresses exported can be used for conducting airdrops, allowing you to distribute tokens or rewards to your members directly.

  • POAP Distribution: If you utilize the Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) to reward event participation, the wallet addresses can be used to distribute POAPs to the members who attended specific events.

  • Assessing Token Holdings: Viewing token holdings can be helpful when making decisions related to governance or reward allocation.

  • Analyzing Member Engagement: The "events attended" field in the exported data provides valuable information about member engagement. You can identify highly active members, reward them for their participation, or encourage more engagement within the DAO.

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