Call Remote Contract

The "Call Remote Contract" command enables you to sync and connect your DAO contract to an external contract. This integration empowers your DAO to interact with other applications directly, such as purchasing NFTs on platforms like OpenSea or claiming airdrops directly to your DAO's vault. By leveraging this feature, you can preserve the voting requirements and multi-sig security features of your DAO while engaging with external contracts.

Tutorial Video

To get started with the "Call Remote Contract" command, we recommend watching our tutorial video that demonstrates the process. You can find the tutorial video here.

How to Use Call Remote Contract

In this example, we'll illustrate how to use the "Call Remote Contract" command to purchase an NFT on OpenSea and connect it to your DAO. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your DAO's Dashboard on Upstream.

  2. Click on "Create Proposal" to initiate a new proposal.

  3. Select "Settings" and then choose "Call Remote Contract" from the options.

  4. Open a new tab and navigate to OpenSea. Connect your wallet to OpenSea using the Wallet Connect option.

  5. Copy the address provided by OpenSea and paste it into the Wallet Connect pairing code field on Upstream.

  6. Once the pairing is established, you'll see a message stating "Establishing WalletConnect session."

  7. Return to OpenSea and click "Accept and Sign" to connect your DAO wallet with OpenSea. The connection between your DAO wallet and OpenSea is now established.

  8. In OpenSea, select the desired NFT that you want to purchase.

  9. Go back to Upstream and enter the ETH amount you wish to use for buying the NFT.

  10. Click "Next" and fill out the proposal details.

  11. DAO members need to vote on the proposal to pass it.

  12. Signators must sign and execute the proposal to initiate the purchase.

  13. Once the proposal is executed, the NFT will be purchased and available in your DAO's vault.

When to Use the Call Remote Contract Command

You can leverage the "Call Remote Contract" command in the following scenarios:

  1. Syncing DAO with Wallet Connect: Connect your DAO wallet to external platforms like OpenSea to buy and sell NFTs directly using your DAO's funds.

  2. Verifying assets using Wallet Connect: Utilize Wallet Connect integration to verify and perform actions such as minting, redeeming, claiming, withdrawing, and staking tokens within your DAO's vault.

By utilizing the "Call Remote Contract" command, you can seamlessly integrate your DAO with external contracts and expand the capabilities and functionality of your organization.

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