Creating an Event

This guide will outline how you can successfully create an event on Upstream.

Hosting events is a fantastic way to engage your community, meet new people, and build strong relationships. Upstream makes event creation seamless and efficient, allowing you to create Private Events for your profile or exclusive DAO Only Events for your DAO community. Whether you're organizing in-person gatherings or virtual experiences, Upstream provides a platform to bring your events to life. This guide outlines the steps to successfully create an event on Upstream.

How do I Create an Event on Upstream?

  1. Navigate to and click the "Create Event" button.

  2. Select event visibility:

    1. Private Event: A Private Event is visible to you only, and you can invite guests to RSVP via direct links.

    2. DAO Only Event: A DAO Only Event is exclusive to members of a specific DAO. It will be visible in the Event tab on the DAO dashboard and the main Events page on Upstream for those DAO members. When creating a DAO Only Event, you'll need to select the DAO you want to create the event in and indicate if it is shareable (this adds a share button on the event page).

  3. Fill Out event info:

    1. Event Format: Select whether the event will be an In-Person Event or a Virtual Event. Upstream's Virtual Events offer a unique experience that combines the best aspects of in-real-life (IRL) networking.

    2. Title: Choose a catchy and descriptive title for your event to attract attendees.

    3. Description: Write a compelling description of your event, outlining what attendees can expect and the value they will gain from attending.

  4. Fill out event details:

    1. Indicate the start time and end time of the event.

    2. Automatically Record Event: Select whether to record the event automatically. This will start a recording when you start the event. Attendees will have to accept the disclaimer to continue in the event.

    3. Limit Attendees: If selected, choose how many attendees can attend the event. You can limit up to 200 attendees.

  5. Click Save and share the event!

What are Upstream Virtual Events?

For Virtual Events on Upstream, the event takes place in two parts:

  1. Pre-Event Audio Lobby: Attendees gather in a virtual, audio-only lobby before the event starts. As the host, you have certain features to manage the lobby, such as muting everyone or muting specific individuals.

  2. Host Intro & Speaker Interview: The main part of the event is when the host clicks "Starts Event" to start presentation mode. Hosts can present or bring up guest speakers. As the host, you have the option to bring up anyone from the audience to speak. Guest speakers and hosts can choose to be on video or audio-only during the event.

Additional Features for Virtual Events:

As the event host, you also have access to additional features during the Virtual Event:

  1. Screen Sharing: Hosts can share their screen during the event for presentations or demonstrations.

  2. Screen Recording: You can record the event for future sharing or archiving purposes.

  3. Event Duration: The length of the event is flexible and entirely up to you as the host.

Creating events on Upstream is an exciting opportunity to connect with your community and foster meaningful interactions. Whether it's a Private Events an exclusive DAO Only Event, Upstream's user-friendly platform empowers you to design memorable experiences.

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