Joining a DAO

To join a DAO, you need to follow certain steps and understand the DAO settings that determine whether new members can be added. The following explains the process of joining a DAO and explores the settings that affect membership.

What are the settings that affect whether a new member can join the DAO?

Several DAO settings determine whether a new member can join the DAO. These settings provide flexibility in managing membership requests and maintaining control over who can participate. Here are the key settings that affect the ability of a new member to join the DAO:

  1. Allow New Membership Requests: This setting determines whether the DAO accepts new members. When "Allow New Membership Requests" is turned off, users attempting to join the DAO will see a message stating, "This DAO is not accepting new members." Ensure this setting is turned on to enable new members to join the DAO.

  2. Allow Anyone to Join: When "Allow Anyone to Join" is turned on, new members can join contribute ETH directly to join the DAO without any approval process. When "Allow Anyone to Join" is turned off, potential members will need to request membership to join the DAO. This initiates a new proposal that existing DAO members must vote on. The DAO signator(s) will need to sign and execute the proposal to add the new member to the DAO.

  3. Enable Contributions: If "Enable Contributions" is turned on, new members will be able to contribute ETH for DAO tokens and become members of the DAO with voting power. If "Enable Contributions" is turned off, new users will not be able to contribute ETH for tokens and will not be able to join the DAO.

By understanding and configuring these collective settings, DAO admins can control the membership process and ensure that only desired individuals join your Upstream DAO.

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