Executing a Proposal

Signators must sign and execute proposals that have passed. By executing the proposal, Signators initiate the on-chain execution of the proposal command, bringing the proposal change into effect.

How do I sign and execute a proposal?

Once a proposal has been voted on and receives the required number of votes to pass, it moves onto the "execution" phase. The proposal and the associated commands, along with the votes themselves are all stored off-chain.

Signators are required to sign the passed proposal to indicate their agreement with its execution. The minimum number of Signators required to sign is set by the DAO and can be configured using the "Change Minimum Signators" setting (explained in more detail later). Each Signator must sign the proposal individually, and the signatures are stored off-chain.

To execute a proposal, once the "Minimum Signator" threshold is met, a Signator must click on the "Sign and Execute" button. They will be prompted to pay a gas fee and confirm the transaction. Upon confirmation, the proposal is executed, and the command is enacted on the blockchain.

What are batch proposals?

Signators have the option to batch-execute multiple proposals that have passed the voting stage. Instead of paying individual gas fees for each proposal, signators pay a single gas fee for executing the entire batch.

To perform a batch execution, signators follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to a passed proposal.

  2. Click on the Batch Proposal button.

  3. Select the proposals you would like to batch and click 'Confirm.'

  4. This will create a new proposal called "Batch Proposal." Click on "Sign and Execute Proposal" to execute the proposal.

  5. Pay the gas fee and confirm the transaction on your wallet.

  6. The Proposal status will change to "Executed."

How do I change the Minimum Signators required?

The "Minimum Signators" setting allows the DAO to define the number of Signators required to sign a proposal before it can be executed. Changing this setting requires the creation of a new proposal, as it is a change that happens on-chain.

To change the minimum Signators required, follows these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings from the main page of the DAO.

  2. Locate the " Minimum Signators" setting and click "change."

  3. This will bring up the proposal builder. Update the minimum number of Signators required and complete the steps to create the proposal.

  4. The proposal will go through the voting process and once approved, the new minimum Signator requirement will be in effect.

It is important to note that changing the "Minimum Signators" setting affects all future proposals and does not impact proposals that have already been created.

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