"Request to Join" a DAO

When the "Allow anyone to Join" DAO setting is turned off, new members have to request to join the DAO. This initiates a process that involves voting by existing members and the execution of a proposal by signators.

How do I request to join a DAO?

  1. Requesting Membership: If the "Allow anyone to Join" setting is disabled, users who want to join the DAO need to follow a request process. Head over to the DAO landing page and click "Request to Join"

  2. Submitting the Request: Users can include a message about themselves and why they would like to join the DAO. This message will be visible to all DAO members that have to vote on the membership request.

  3. Proposal Creation: This request triggers the creation of an "Add New Member" proposal within the DAO. The "Add New Member" proposal includes the wallet address of the user who requested to join the DAO. Existing members of the DAO will be notified of the proposal and have the opportunity to vote on it.

  4. Voting Process: DAO members review the proposal and cast their votes, indicating whether they approve or reject the request to add the new member.

  5. Signator Execution: If the proposal is approved, Signators need to sign and execute the proposal to finalize the new member's inclusion in the DAO.

  6. Access to the DAO: Once the new user is added to the DAO, it doesn't automatically grant them voting power. Instead, they gain access to the DAO. However, to become a full member with voting power, the new user needs to contribute ETH to receive DAO tokens.

  7. Contributing ETH: To acquire voting power and become a full member, the new user can click on the "Contribute ETH" option within the DAO. This allows them to deposit ETH in exchange for DAO tokens, granting them the ability to participate in voting and decision-making processes.

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