Proposal Commands

Proposal commands are on-chain actions that are associated with proposals. These commands allow you to manage and modify your DAO in various ways, such as managing the wallet, handling members, and tweaking DAO settings.

Below, you'll find the commands categorized under Wallet, Members, and Settings. Each command is accompanied by a brief description of its function.

Wallet Commands


Send ETH

Send ETH from the DAO's wallet to a specified wallet address.

Disburse ETH

Distribute ETH from the DAO's wallet to all token holders proportional to their ownership.

Mint Tokens

Mint new DAO tokens, and send them to a given recipient (in or outside the DAO)

Transfer Assets

Send an Asset (Tokens, NFTs) from the DAO’s wallet to a given recipient

Link Wallet

Link and track an external wallet.

Unlink Wallet

Unlink and stop tracking an external wallet.

Members Commands


Add Member

Add a new member to the DAO (specified by their wallet address).

Remove Member

Remove an existing DAO member (specified by their wallet address).

Remove All Zero-Balance Members

Remove all existing DAO members that have zero DAO token balance (specified by their wallet address)

Allow/Disable Membership Requests

This setting determines whether new members can join the DAO.

Designate Signature

Designate an existing DAO member as a signature, granting them permission to execute proposals.

Revoke Signature

Revoke an existing DAO signatories permission to execute proposals.

Settings Commands


Change Exchange Rate

Set the exchange value between ETH and your DAO's tokens.

Change Token Transferability

This setting determines whether members can transfer DAO tokens between wallets.

Change Quorum

Percentage of total members who must vote for a Proposal to meet quorum

Allow Anyone to Join

This setting determines wether users must submit a membership request to join the DAO. To learn more, click here.

Remove Signature Request to Vote

This will determine if you sign votes with your wallet.

Change Voting Privacy

Proposal votes will be completely anonymous. No one will be able to tell who voted, or how they voted.

Enable/Disable ETH Contributions

ETH sent to the Collective will result in new DAO token minted & sent back to the depositor.

Change Minimum Signators

Change the amount of signators needed to execute a proposal.

Call Remote Contract

Sync with an external contract. To learn more, click here.

Change Minimum ETH Contributions

Adjust the minimum required amount of ETH to join the DAO.

Enable/Disable Withdrawals

Disable DAO members to remove ETH from the DAO wallet.

Understanding these commands will help you navigate your DAO management tasks efficiently. Remember, changes to your DAO are significant decisions often requiring a consensus from the DAO members. Be sure to use these commands judiciously and with the agreement of your DAO's community.

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