Vote Delegation

Voting Delegation allows you to delegate your voting rights to other members of the DAO, empowering them to vote on your behalf. This feature is designed to streamline voting processes, ensuring you never miss important proposals, and enhancing the overall efficiency of the DAO's decision-making. You have the flexibility to delegate your votes for all proposals or only for specific types of proposals. Furthermore, you can retain your vote even after delegating it, as long as you vote before the person you delegated to casts their vote.

How to Delegate Your Votes

  1. Navigate to the DAO and click the "Delegate Votes" button.

  2. Delegate Your Entire Vote: By default, you can choose to delegate your entire voting power to another member. This means the person you delegate to will utilize your voting power when they vote on proposals.

  3. Delegate Specific Commands: Alternatively, you have the option to click "Delegate a Specific Command." This option allows you to specify certain types of proposals that you wish to delegate your vote on. For example, you can delegate your vote on financial matters while retaining your voting power on governance-related proposals.

  4. Select Your Delegate: When delegating your vote, you'll be prompted to select the member whom you want to delegate to. Choose the member whom you trust and believe will make decisions in alignment with your preferences and the DAO's best interests.

  5. Confirm Your Delegation: Once you've made your selection, confirm the delegation to finalize the process. You will be asked to pay a gas fee as this change is saved on-chain.

  6. Your voting power is now delegated to the chosen member.

Revoking Voting Delegation

At any point, you can revoke the voting delegation and regain full control of your voting power. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the DAO and click the "Delegate Votes" button.

  2. On the bottom left, click the "Revoke All" button.

  3. You will be asked to pay a gas fee as this change is saved on-chain.

  4. Once the transaction is approved, you have regained control of your voting power.

Voting delegation is a valuable tool for optimizing the DAO's decision-making process. By delegating your votes, you can ensure that your voice is heard even if you cannot personally vote on every proposal. Additionally, delegation allows the DAO to act more efficiently and reach consensus on proposals promptly.

Remember, voting delegation is entirely optional, and you can adjust your delegation preferences as needed to suit your level of involvement in the DAO.

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