Connecting ENS Domain

ENS names allow an easy way to have a short/user-friendly wallet address

for your DAO; instead of the typical random string of numbers and letters used for ETH wallet addresses. This article covers the process of connecting your ENS domain to your Collective on Upstream. To get started you'll need to have your Collective's contract address and sufficient gas in your personal wallet to complete all the necessary steps in this process. Once you've confirmed your contract address then navigate to

Here's a quick primer on some terms that we'll use throughout this article.

  • The registrant is the owner of the ENS domain. This address can make any changes to the ENS name's settings.

  • The controller is an admin of the ENS name. They do not own the name but are able to make changes to the record.

For an existing ENS Domain:

Steps to transfer:

  1. First you'll need to update the ETH address under record to your Collective's contract address.

  2. Then you'll need to change the Controller to the Collective's address.

  3. If you'd like to still be able to manage the domain from your wallet address then stop at Step 2. If you'd like the Collective to have full ownership of the ENS name then update the Registrant address to the Collective's contract address. **You can use our Call Remote Contract feature to log into to make any changes to an ENS name owned by the Collective**

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