DAO Vault

The DAO Vault is a comprehensive overview of your DAO's digital assets, featuring virtual tokens, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and other assets owned by the DAO. The vault is your one-stop destination to access, review, and manage your DAO's collective wealth and resources.

What You Can Find in the DAO Vault

When you access the DAO Vault, you can see a broad array of assets belonging to your DAO:

  1. Virtual Tokens: This refers to the cryptocurrency assets that your DAO owns, such as Bitcoin, Ether, or any other tokens.

  2. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): The DAO Vault includes a display of all NFTs owned by the DAO. These are unique digital assets that represent ownership of specific items or pieces of content. NFTs can include everything from digital artwork to virtual real estate in digital worlds.

  3. Other Blockchain Assets: Any other assets owned by your DAO that reside on the blockchain can also be found within the DAO Vault. This could include, for example, virtual land in a digital metaverse, digital collectibles, or various DeFi tokens.

To estimate the value of each NFT, we rely on data from wgmi.io. This tool offers value estimations based on the specific traits and characteristics of each NFT.

Managing Your DAO Vault

The DAO Vault isn't just for display—it's also an operational tool that helps you manage your DAO's assets:

  1. Transfer Assets: If you wish to transfer assets out of the DAO Vault, you'll need to create a proposal using the 'transfer assets' command. In this proposal, specify the asset you wish to transfer and the wallet address you want to send the asset to. Remember, any asset transfer must be democratically approved by your DAO members—this means the proposal must be voted on, passed, and executed before the transfer can occur.

  2. Add Assets: Adding assets to your DAO Vault is as simple as sending them to the DAO's contract address. You can find your DAO's contract address in the collective settings. Once transferred, these assets will appear in your DAO Vault, bolstering your DAO's collective wealth.

The DAO Vault is your treasury, your museum, and your war chest. By understanding its contents and how to manage it, you're taking a significant step towards leveraging the power of your DAO effectively.

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