Offboarding DAO

To ensure a smooth transition of your DAO, Upstream team members will be on call to help you access your multi-sig wallet and offboard your DAO from Upstream.

We've compiled a checklist of essential steps you must complete to prevent any loss of access. Please read carefully and take immediate action.

Access the Multi-Sig Wallet on Safe

The first step in ensuring a smooth transition is to verify that you and other Signators can access your multi-sig wallet on Safe. Below are the detailed steps to accomplish this:

  1. Navigate to your DAO on Upstream and select DAO settings.

  1. Copy the Safe Address. (This is visible to Signators only).

  1. Proceed to the "Load Safe" page on

  2. Connect with the wallet address you use for this DAO (ensure it’s on the Ethereum network)

  3. Input the Safe Address and follow the on-screen instructions.

For any questions or further assistance, refer to the Safe Help documentation.

Create Communication Channels

We strongly recommend setting up an alternative communication channel such as WhatsApp, Slack, or Discord to maintain interaction and share important updates with your DAO community.

Notify DAO members on Upstream with an Announcement

Next, use the Announcement feature on Upstream to notify your DAO members about your new communication platform and the sunsetting of the DAO on Upstream. Example Announcement: "Important: Join our new [Discord/Slack/WhatsApp] channel for all future updates. Upstream DAO support ends on [XX/XX/XX], so make sure you're connected with us before then."

  1. Navigate to your DAO and click on “Make Announcement.”

  2. Select “Send Notification” to ensure members receive email notifications of the announcement.

  3. Click Post Announcement.

The announcement will now be pinned to the top of the main page, and visible to all members accessing the DAO. Since only users with registered email addresses will be notified, it's important to leverage your other communication channels to ensure all members are informed.

  1. Once all desired assets are listed in the proposal, enter a title and description for your proposal.

  2. Click "Create Proposal" to publish the proposal, making it ready for voting.

Export Member Data

As your final step, we made it easy for you to export DAO member data so you have the most up-to-date usage data at your fingertips. This will be invaluable as you transition away from Upstream and continue to manage your DAO.

  1. Navigate to your DAO on Upstream.

  2. Click on the Members tab.

  3. Click on “Export Members” and choose the desired data fields.

  4. Click Export and save the file locally.

Additional FAQ

  1. What happens to the DAO tokens issued by the DAO? DAO tokens are stored on-chain in your member's wallets. You can access the token data by searching for the contract address on Etherscan.

  2. How do I look up my DAO token on Etherscan? On Upstream, click on the supply amount listed under the token name on your DAO page. You can also click on the DAO token in your wallet to view it in Etherscan.

  3. Where do I view the ownership % of my DAO token? After opening the DAO token on Etherscan, click on the Holders tab to examine the ownership data.

We are here to help you with any questions or concerns. You can reach our team by emailing for immediate answers to your questions.

We want to express our sincere gratitude for your valuable contributions to Upstream.

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