Voting on a Proposal

Members can participate in a DAO in many different ways but one of the most important is through voting on proposals. Here's a guide on how to cast your vote and stay involved in the decision-making process:

Finding Proposals

Proposals and polls created by DAO members can be found in the 'Proposals' section of the DAO dashboard.

Each proposal has a status, such as:

  • Active: An active proposal open for voting.

  • Passed: A proposal that successfully reached the required votes for quorum.

  • Executed: A proposal that was executed by a Signator.

  • Defeated: A proposal that failed to reach the quorum of votes.

  • Canceled: A proposal that was canceled without any votes counted.

For active, passed, executed or defeated proposals, you can view the vote count, providing valuable insights into voting history for making informed decisions when creating new proposals.

Voting on Proposals

You can vote on active proposals by clicking on the 'Vote' button.

From there you will see the voting window open:

In the voting window, choose to "Vote For," "Vote Against," or "Abstain." Abstaining still counts toward the quorum required for the proposal to pass. The window also displays your total voting power, which is determined by the tokens you hold in the DAO. Additionally, the voting power of DAO members who delegated their vote to you will be included in your total.

Once you have made your decision, click 'Submit Vote' and your vote will now be counted in the proposal. If the DAO requires signature to vote, your connected wallet will open in order for you to sign your vote.

If your vote has been successfully completed, you will see a window like the below which includes your profile, your vote, and the weight of your voting power.

Changing Your Vote

We realize that sometimes you can change your mind after voting. For this reason, we have added the ability to change your vote.

To change your vote, you can use the 'Change Vote' button which has now replaced the 'Vote' button earlier.

By providing the flexibility to change your vote, we ensure that you can actively participate in the voting process with confidence.

Keep in mind that your involvement in voting is essential for shaping the direction of the DAO and collectively making decisions that align with the community's vision.

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