DAO Forum

Bridging Decisions and Discussions

DAOs, by their nature, require fluid communication channels for effective decision-making. With a multitude of platforms available such as Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Slack, striking the balance between passive discussion and real-time chats can be challenging. Upstream's Forum is designed to streamline this process, bridging the gap between momentary chats and lasting decisions.

Why use the Forum?

Chat platforms like Discord, Telegram, or Slack are excellent for real-time communication but come with their challenges for DAOs:

  • Difficulty looking back on decisions

  • Disorganization and scattered conversations

  • Overwhelming notifications

  • Predominance of casual and sometimes off-topic conversation

In contrast, the DAO Forum on Upstream offers a dedicated space for organized, focused, and traceable conversations, with features tailored to DAOs' unique needs. The organized layout makes it simple for members to track topics and engage in in-depth conversations. It serves as the DAO's knowledge base, archive, and decision record.

How do I access the Forum?

You can access the forum by accessing the DAO's dashboard and clicking on the Forum tab.

What are the core features of the Forum?

1. Organized Discussions

  • Categories & Threads: Group topics into Categories for easy reference. Threads are posts that live within a category. By default, you will see the following categories:

    • General

    • Governance & Proposals

    • Tokenomics

    • Events

    • Support

  • Pinning Threads: Admins can highlight important discussions by pinning threads, and directing members to key conversations.

2. Governance & Proposals Integration

  • Auto-generation of threads for new proposals in the 'Governance & Proposal' category.

  • Integrated voting mechanism, allowing members to vote on proposals or polls directly from threads.

  • The thread for the proposal can also be viewed from the Proposal page.

3. Personalized Notifications

  • Opt to follow specific categories or threads, controlling the influx of notifications.

  • Manage notifications in one place with the 'All Notifications' option.

4. Token-Gated Access

  • The forum's accessibility is limited to DAO members, ensuring security and relevancy in discussions.

5. Admin Capabilities

  • Manage categories: Create, edit, or remove (except for the mandatory 'Governance & Proposal' category).

  • Archive discussions for future reference or delete when no longer necessary.

  • Highlight important threads by pinning them at the top of categories.

The DAO Forum is more than just a discussion board; it's a convergence point for DAO members, providing a unified user experience that's organized, accountable, and responsive. With integrated features to improve passive collaboration, information dissemination, and decision-making, it's a leap toward more efficient DAO communication.

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