DAO Roles

In a DAO, each individual plays a unique and crucial role in its operation and governance. The following will help you understand the three primary roles within a DAO on Upstream: the Creator, Signators, and Members. These roles each carry different responsibilities and privileges, which are critical to the effective functioning of a DAO.

1. The Creator

The Creator is the individual who initiated the DAO on the Upstream platform. They are the keyholder to the DAO contract, and often the visionary behind the DAO's concept and goals. The Creator has several responsibilities:

  • Originating the DAO: The Creator is responsible for setting up the DAO, defining its purpose, and setting its initial goals.

  • DAO Settings: They control the initial DAO settings that are set when launching the DAO.

  • Leadership: The Creator often leads the DAO, guiding its strategic direction and fostering growth and participation.

In the members tab, the Creator is also identified as a Signator due to their essential role in the DAO's decision-making process.

2. Signators

Signators are trusted members of the DAO who are entrusted with significant responsibilities:

  • Executing Proposals: Signators are responsible for signing and executing proposals passed by the DAO. This role is essential in ensuring the DAO's decisions are implemented effectively.

  • Administrative Controls: Signators have administrative access in the DAO's events and forum, enabling them to manage these spaces as needed.

  • Data Access: Signators also have the ability to export member data for analysis or record-keeping.

3. DAO Members

DAO Members are individuals who hold DAO tokens and actively participate in the DAO's activities:

  • Voting Rights: Members have the right to vote on proposals, shaping the direction and decisions of the DAO.

  • Participation: Members are encouraged to actively contribute to the DAO, sharing ideas, voting on proposals, and participating in the DAO's events and forum.

Understanding Membership and Ownership

On the Members tab of your DAO, you'll find a list of all the DAO's members, including their roles and wallet ownership:

  • Signator Badge: Members who are also Signators will have a badge indicating this status.

  • Wallet Ownership: The wallet ownership figure represents the total number of votable tokens a member owns. This number signifies the member's voting power within the DAO.

  • Percentage Ownership: Each member's percentage ownership of the DAO is also displayed. This figure represents the proportion of total DAO tokens that a member holds.

Understanding these roles is fundamental to effective participation in a DAO. Each role carries different responsibilities and influences, shaping the DAO's decisions and direction. Whether you are a Creator, a Signator, or a Member, your contributions are valuable in the collective decision-making process that powers the DAO.

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