Posting Announcements

DAO Signators can post important announcements that are prominently displayed on the DAOs main page on Upstream. This feature allows DAO admins to quickly and efficiently share critical information with all members of the DAO.

In addition to being pinned to the top of the DAOs homepage, announcements are also sent as an email notification to members who have provided an email address in their profile.

How do I post an Announcement?

Announcements can be created by clicking the "Make Announcement" button from the main page of the DAO.

Compose your announcement and click on "Post Announcement."

You also have the option to select "Send Notification." Selecting this option will send an email notification to members who have provided their email address in their profile.

The announcement will now be pinned to the top of the main page, visible to all members accessing the DAO.

What are the benefits of posting announcements?

Sharing critical information: Announcements provide a direct and efficient way for Signators to communicate vital updates, news, and announcements to all members of the DAO. By pinning the announcements to the top of the main page, they ensure that the information is immediately visible to anyone accessing the DAO. This increases member engagement, encourages active participation, and fosters a sense of community.

Increased transparency and accountability: Announcements help promote transparency within the DAO by ensuring that critical information is accessible to all members. By making important updates readily available, the DAO demonstrates accountability to its members, building trust and confidence.

Efficient communication of urgent matters: In situations that require immediate attention or urgent action, such as security alerts or time-sensitive decisions, announcements provide a reliable method to notify members promptly. Combining email notifications with pinned announcements ensures that members receive important updates, even if they are not currently active on Upstream.

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