Contributing Funds

Contributing ETH is a critical act of participation in a DAO. It provides the DAO with the necessary funds for its operations and initiatives, and rewards contributors with DAO tokens, granting them voting rights and access to exclusive DAO features. This guide details the process of contributing ETH to a DAO's treasury and the various aspects to consider based on the DAO settings.

Joining a DAO and Contributing ETH

Before you can contribute ETH, you must first join the DAO. The process of joining a DAO can vary depending on the specific settings of the DAO.

  1. Contribute to Join: If the DAO setting "allow anyone to join" is enabled, you can join the DAO and contribute ETH simultaneously in exchange for DAO tokens.

  2. Membership Request: If the "allow anyone to join" setting is disabled, you must request membership first. Once your membership request is approved via a DAO vote, you can then contribute ETH to receive DAO tokens.

  3. Disabled Contributions: In some instances, contributions might be completely disabled based on the DAO's settings. In these cases, you may not be able to join the DAO or contribute to it.

For a more detailed walkthrough on how to join a DAO, please refer to our dedicated guide: How to Join a DAO on Upstream.

Contributing ETH for DAO Tokens

  1. Initial Contribution: Once you're a member, you'll find a 'Contribute ETH' button. Click this button to contribute ETH to the DAO's treasury in exchange for DAO tokens. You'll be asked to acknowledge our Terms of Services before you can make a contribution.

  2. Additional Contributions: Even after your initial membership is approved, you can continue to contribute more ETH at any time.

  3. DAO Tokens: DAO tokens, which are issued based on the DAO's Exchange Rate, grant you voting rights and access to DAO-only features, like exclusive events or forums.

    • DAO Exchange Rate: The DAO exchange rate determines the number of DAO tokens you will receive for your ETH contribution. Members can create a proposal to make changes to the exchange rate.

    • Full Membership: You become a full member of the DAO only when you possess DAO tokens. Just being part of the DAO doesn't make you a full member until you've contributed ETH and received tokens in return.

Understanding Your Ownership

Your ownership in the DAO is represented by the DAO tokens you hold. These tokens symbolize your share in the DAO and the voting power you have in decision-making processes.

  • Voting Power: The amount of DAO tokens you hold directly influences your voting power for making decisions within the DAO. More tokens mean greater influence over the DAO's direction and decision-making process.

  • Ownership Transparency: On the Upstream platform, you can always check your ownership details in the DAO, such as the amount of DAO tokens you hold and your voting power.

  • Cashing Out: Depending on the DAO's settings, you may be able to sell or transfer your DAO tokens to others, effectively transferring your ownership and voting rights.

DAO Treasury

The DAO's treasury is a shared wallet where contributed funds are collected. Members can propose to utilize these funds for specific projects or initiatives based on the DAO's governance rules.

Direct Contributions

Apart from the 'Contribute ETH' button, members can also contribute by sending ETH directly to the DAO's contract address. Double-check the address before sending to prevent any loss of funds.

Potential Bugs when Contributing ETH

Despite the robust design of the Upstream platform, you may occasionally encounter issues when attempting to contribute ETH:

  1. Transaction Failures: Sometimes transactions can fail due to reasons such as insufficient gas fees or network congestion. Ensure you have sufficient ETH to cover gas fees and try again during less busy times.

  2. Incorrect DAO Tokens Received: If you receive fewer DAO tokens than expected, the DAO's exchange rate might have changed between your viewing and the transaction's processing.

  3. Disabled Contributions: You may see a message that contributions are disabled for this DAO. Members can create a proposal to change this setting.

  4. Contribution Not Reflecting in Treasury: If your contribution doesn't appear in the DAO's treasury, it could be due to network delays or a syncing issue with the Upstream platform. Wait for a few minutes, then refresh your page.

For any bugs or issues, please reach out to for assistance.

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