Creating a Poll

This article outlines the steps to create a poll on Upstream.

Polls are a powerful tool in the realm of DAOs, enabling quick sentiment checks and fostering increased engagement within the community. Upstream allows you to create polls with immediate results and a specified duration. Whether for casual inquiries or to measure the appetite for a future proposal, polls offer valuable insights for both DAO admins and members.

How do I create a Poll?

  1. Access Your DAO Dashboard: Click the home button located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to navigate to your DAO dashboard.

  2. Select the Relevant DAO: Choose the DAO in which you want to create the poll.

  3. Initiate the Poll Creation: Click the "Create Poll" button to start crafting your poll.

  4. Craft Your Poll: Add your question and the possible choices for answers. Be concise and clear in your phrasing to ensure all members understand the question and can contribute effectively.

  5. Set the Poll's Duration: Specify how long you want the poll to last. This can range from a few hours for immediate feedback, up to several days or weeks for more significant matters.

  6. Confirm and Launch: Click "Confirm" to set your poll live. It's now ready for your DAO members to participate in!

Once the poll is live, it will be automatically shared in your DAO's chat and added to the proposal screen on the DAO's home page. This provides high visibility and encourages active participation from the members.

Viewing and Interacting with Polls

Polls and their results can be viewed alongside other active polls and proposals within the DAO. Results are updated in real-time and visible to members, fostering transparency and immediate feedback.

Keep in mind that unlike proposals, polls do not need to reach a quorum for you to see the results.

How do I change my Vote?

We have made it easy to change your vote before the voting period ends. Simply click the "Change Vote" button.

Editing and Cancelling Polls

As of now, editing a live poll is not an option on Upstream. However, if you need to make changes, you can cancel the ongoing poll and repost it with the necessary adjustments.

Utilize this feature to keep a finger on the pulse of your community's sentiments and foster a more dynamic and responsive DAO environment.

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